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Digimon Re:Digitize Translation

Now here we have another one that like even though I didn't play the original Digimon World from PS1 this series was one that i always watched in my childhood and its good that it got a new for it and not just this one the first season got it too and i want to play that one more than this one but it came after it so it will its translation next.

The guys doing the great labor of translating this game are Romstar and his team from GBATemp just like SkyBladeCloud but not the same people.

----Project State----
Items                                                                   100%
Key Items                                                            100%
Accessories                                                        100%
Attacks                                                                100%
Special Attacks                                                   100%
Digimon Names                                                  100%
Raising Description                                             100%
Names in Colosseum, Areas                              100%
Menus                                                                 100%
Digimon Personality                                            100%
Titles                                                                   100%
system messages (Mail)                                     100%
GIGO company history                                       100%
Lead Characters +Map Names + Menu Names 100%
Text                                                                     100%
Digimon CARD Names                                       100%
Digimon Evolution Chart Description                  100%
Mails:                                                                  100%
Music Tracks                                                      100%
Battle Tutorial                                                     100%
Keywords                                                           100%
News Log                                                           100%
Maps                                                                  100%

100% translated.
100%    Inserted.

Its almost done its in the phase where they insert all the translated text into the and see if the insertion works like it should be the only untranslated things are very little but its a complete translation and if it dosn't have everything done it will feel very strange just to have that little untranslated.


This last video show us how well its done and what you will see at the end patch.
Just like its says a Teaser to get you waiting excited about it being so close.


Digimon World Re:Digitize Translation Page
GBATemp Re:Digitize Post

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Final Fantasy Type-0 Translation

Beign a Fan of Final Fantasy Games since i played the Final Fantasy X (that i will get again for the ps3 very soon).I think it have to be the very first thing I post since im very excited about it.

Final Fantasy Type-0 was first translated by Truthkey but he left it only on menus and on Disk2 saying that it was hard to continue. Now SkyBladeCloud Started on GBATemp Forums About the Coding of the game to help translator learn that the translation wasn't as hard as Truthkey said and then it began the Translation of this amazing game getting the name of Operation Doomtrain.

----Project State----

RomHacking:                    100%
Graphic translation:         100%
Story script:                      100%
Secondary text:                 100%
Videos:                              100%

Translation is in beta testing stage and inserting videos fixing problems that may crash the game or affect the gameplay of it.


Type-0 Translation Teaser from SkyBladeCloud on Vimeo.

 this is the last update of the Project letting us know a late date of when its going to end the translation and the release of the patch for the game that can be set for the merged iso of the game.


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