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Digimon Adventure's Translation

let's have alook on this good old anime from where i was a kid.

Amazed when it was released a new game of digimon i was like "at least a good game of digimon". I said "at least" because of the nds games that where meh to me but the last 2 for psp where like a gift from heavens.

Ok, finishing with my part of nonsense lets continue with the translation. It started at gbatemp forum again but with a lot of teams doing it and fights from everywhere. i though it was on hiatus from the team that was doing ReDigitze but that was and wasnt the case, another team continued its own translation and its almost done too just half way on story and they're donde with it.

----Project State----

-Story Traslation
-57/71 - Story
-23/40 - Subquest

Game Translation
- menu 100%
- menu description 100%
- Battle Menu 100%
- item 100%
- item description 100%
- digimon names 100%
- digimon skills 90~100%
- digipiece 100%
- digipiece description 90~100%
- map 100%
- episodes 80~100%
- movies 100%
- Names 100%
- Material 100%
- Material description 100%
- Battle Message 100%
- Battle Menu 100%
- Tutorial 100%


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MS Gundam Age Psp Translation

Its been a while posting her on my blog (i see im notmuch of a blogger person)

Here i bring this time a translation work a helped a little with CrashmanX, he did the most part of the translation as well the hacking.

----Project Info----

Whats translated?
Item names
Parts names
Dropped Tech
Weapon Skills
Unit names
Pïlot names